Krossroads™ FedNow™ Engine

The Krossroads™ FedNow™ Engine is a client implementation of all the FedNow service capabilities that will be available at initial launch.

By deploying the Krossroads FedNow Engine, a financial institution will be able to take advantage of all or a custom selection of the available FedNow capabilities.

Aside from supporting all the FedNow capabilities that will be available at launch, the platform agnostic Krossroads FedNow Engine provides a programmable interface (APIs & Webhooks) which will enable financial institutions to seamlessly integrate their existing software stack with the Krossroads FedNow Engine and quickly start leveraging FedNow service capabilities.

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Krossroads™ Commerce Blocks for FedNow™

The Krossroads™ Commerce Blocks for FedNow™ is a white label suite of features and tools that financial institutions can deploy to enable individual and business customers to take advantage of the benefits that accrue from being able to send and receive FedNow instant payments.

The features provided by the Krossroads Commerce Blocks address specific use cases which enable individuals, businesses, utilities and governmental entities to leverage FedNow instant payments. These include:


Electronic invoices backed by FedNow Request for Payment.

Bill Settlement

Bill settlement including bulk and recurring bill presentment and payment, specifically geared towards utilities and governmental entities.

Payment Automation

Automation of recurring bill payments for individuals and businesses.


Bulk payouts for businesses and governmental entities.

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Krossroads™ FedNow™ Simulator

The Krossroads™ FedNow™ Simulator is a cloud based turnkey application that simulates all the FedNow service capabilities that will be available at launch. The simulator is intended to be used to support testing, development and training activities by receiving requests and dispatching responses as defined in the FedNow ISO 20022 standard for FedNow service. This includes.


Generating well-formed ISO 20022 requests and responses, using simulated or pre-recorded data.


Simulating both as a receiving Financial institution and a sending Financial institution.


Randomly responding with happy path, partial and failure responses.


Recording and replaying multi-step scenarios and inbuilt support for continuous integration.

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