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Expedited capability deployment for Isvs

Add Commerce Capabilities to your software

The fastest way to add Commerce capabilities to your software running on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux or desktop browsers.

Engage your customers wherever they are, by leveraging the only set of commerce & payment building blocks that run natively on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux as well as all modern desktop browsers.
the business case

Why should you offer Commerce Capabilities?

Revenue Generation

Earn revenue via software and hardware licensing fees, as well as a share of card interchange fee.

Comprehensive Offering

Increase your value proposition by adding relevant features beyond your core capabilities.

Customer Retention

By offering commerce capabilities, you can retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Cross-selling Opportunities

Commerce capabilities are a gateway to cross selling other products and services that would otherwise be out of reach.

Data Insights

Harness a rich source of data about your customers, which can be used to better understand customer needs and make more effective business decisions.

Stay Competitive

Add relevant features to your platform without having to make a large capital outlay.

How it works

Customizable Commerce Blocks

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) looking to add specialized payment acceptance capabilities to your offering, you can count on Krossroads Commerce Blocks to expedite your time to market across multiple platforms.

Catalog Management

Whether your business sells physical goods or service, you can manage all your Items, Categories, Modifiers and Options using the Catalog management module.

Inventory Management

Automatic stock adjustments based on sales, returns and transfers. Set stock alert levels and easily move stock between locations.

Transaction Management

Process in-store, mobile and card not present transactions. Association customers with transactions and save carts for later use.

Employee Management

Manage all your staff and assign roles to determine what functions they can perform. Track staff performance using individualized reports.

Customer Management

Import customer records and associate transactions to customers. Send invoices to customers and track performance using customer specific reports.

Cash Management

Ensure that cash is accounted for by tracking cash balances before and after each shift. Automatically adjust cash balances based on sales and refunds.


Create absolute value or percentage discounts and attach discounts to entire transactions or individual items in a transaction.

Gift Cards

Sell gift cards to your customers and easily manage redemption of gift card value. Issue both physical gift cards as well as electronic gift cards.


Easily create invoices and send them to your customers by email. Customers can view and settle invoices using Card and ACH payment. Export invoices in PDF for easy printing.

Payment Links

Create and send payment links for individual Items in your catalog. Recipients can view the payment link and purchase the item just like in an online store.


Configure taxes and select the items that the taxes will apply to. Taxes are calculated automatically when Items are added to a transaction. Adjust transactions to add or remove taxes from individual items.

Import & Export

Easily add or update Item and Customer records using CSV file import. Export sales, inventory and tax reports

Multi Location Support

Manage multiple locations, each with it's own catalog, inventory, staff, taxes, etc. Transfer inventory between locations. Track performance using location specific reports.


Configure different kinds of subscriptions and associate then with customers. Automatically send subscription reminders and payment confirmations.


Schedule appointments for you customers or let them view your calendar and schedule themselves. Designate fees to be collected when appointments are scheduled. Automatically send appointment reminders.

Reports & Analytics

Track every aspect of your business using realtime reports and charts. Control who has access to reports. Set performance targets to keep your team motivated.

Card Readers

Select from a wide range of supported counter top or mobile card readers. With a processor agnostic platform, you can choose the payment processor or your choice.

POS Hardware

Select from a wide range of supported POS hardware including receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, weight scales, terminals and unattended kiosks

Collaborative Approach

We are invested in your success

Our professional services team will work with your organization to achieve a seamless integration with your software.

Increase your value proposition

By adding Commerce capabilities that are relevant to your customers, you differentiate your offering from other competitors and increase the stickiness of your solution.

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