Partner – CloverConnect

Native integration with Clover Devices

We have partnered with Clover Connect to offer bespoke payment solutions based on the secure and time tested Clover platform.

Building custom POS solutions on Clover

For businesses that need to build custom POS solutions, leveraging the Clover hardware stack means that half the battle is already won. Paired with the Krossroads Commerce Blocks, a business can significantly reduce the amount of time required to bring a custom POS solution to market.

Seamless integration

Clover hardware works seamlessly to provide a capable and easy to use payment processing solution. With a robust and well-documented API, crafting an custom POS solution is a breeze.


Clover devices are equipped with cutting-edge P2P encryption, tokenization, and EMV compliance, ensuring that a solution build on Clover is on sound security footing out of the box.


A wide range of hardware options give you the flexibility to craft a payment processing solution that fits your unique needs. This flexibility ensures that you can create a unique payment experience that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and customer preferences.

Comprehensive product range

Clover offers an extensive range of POS equipment to cater to diverse business needs. From countertop devices to mobile solutions, there is an option to suit every business requirement.

Supported Clover Devices

Clover Station Duo 2

The 2nd Generation Clover Station Duo improves on the time tested versatility and reliability of the 1st generation device.

Clover Flex 3

The Clover Flex 3 supports Android 10 and features a larger display—5.99" IPS HD.

Clover Mini 3

The 3rd Generation Clover Mini comes with LTE (AT&T-powered), Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connectivity including integrated receipt printer

 The Clover name and logo are owned by Clover Network, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Data Corporation, and are registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries.

Talk to us, and find out whether Clover is the right platform for your custom POS solution.