Use Case – Invoicing

Invoicing + Automation

Built to save you time and get you paid faster. Create an invoice and send it to your customers in minutes—no code required.

Convenient Payment

Provider you customers with the convenience of paying by Card or ACH. get paid in hours, not days or weeks.


Create, customize and send hosted or PDF invoices in minutes. Designate invoices for one time or recurring payments.


Automate your invoicing workflows and accounts receivable processes. Use email reminders and aging reports to collect unpaid invoices.

Get results

Reach your goals faster

Electronic invoicing automates and streamlines many of the manual tasks associated with paper invoicing, such as data entry, matching invoices to purchase orders, and reconciling payments.

Your customers will love it

Invoices delivered electronically are move convenient for your customers, as is the ability to electronically settle the invoice using payment methods that your customers are already familiar with.

Why adopt electronic invoices?

Cost Savings

Save money on paper, printing, and mailing costs, we well as the costs associated with tracking, collecting and reconciling paper based invoices.

Improved accuracy

Reduce the risk of human error associated with manual data entry, which can lead to more accurate and timely billing and payment.

Enhanced security

Achieve a higher level of security for sensitive financial information, as invoices can be transmitted and stored electronically, with restricted access.

Better tracking & control

Electronic invoices allow for real-time tracking and monitoring of invoice status. This in turn translates to the ability to quickly identify issues and make adjustments as necessary

Speed of process

Electronic invoicing can speed up the invoice process, as invoices can be created and delivered electronically. This can lead to faster payment and improved cash flow

Better Analytics

Electronic invoicing allows for data to be captured and analyzed, which gives businesses valuable insights into customer behavior and purchasing trends.

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