Use Case – Financial Institutions

Branded Payment Acceptance Solutions for Banks & Credit Unions

  • Empower your merchants with branded payment acceptance solutions that can run on multiple platforms.
  • Ideal for In-store, Mobile, Unattended and B2B commerce.
  • Customizable to fit the specific requirements of your merchants.

Why should a Bank offer Merchant Solutions?

Revenue Generation

Earn revenue via software and hardware licensing fees, as well as a share of card interchange fee.

Customer Retention

By offering merchant solutions, banks can retain existing business customers and attract new ones.

Cross-selling Opportunities

Banks can use merchant services to cross-sell other banking products and services to their customers.

Comprehensive Offering

Merchant services can be an important part of a bank's overall offering, as businesses often rely on banks for a range of financial services beyond just payments processing.

Stay Competitive

With more and more new non-bank payment providers and FinTechs, Banks are under pressure to keep up with new trends and merchant services is one of the area where they can stay competitive.

Data Insights

Merchant services provide banks with a rich source of data about consumer spending patterns and habits, which can be used to better understand customer needs and make more effective business decisions.

Industry Specific Payments

Go beyond generic payments

A partnership with Krossroads enables financial institutions to craft industry specific payment solutions which translate to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


With Krossroads Commerce Blocks, your payments solution would be available to merchants who use iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux or any modern desktop browser. This ubiquity enables you to reach a wider array of merchants.

Processor Agnostic Technology

You never have to worry about being locked in to a particular payment processor. Krossroads Commerce Blocks integrates with the processor of your choice. Whether handling B2C or B2B payments, you have the freedom to use the payment processors of your choice.

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