Krossroads – Next Generation Payment Rails

Next Generation Commerce & Payment Rails

Krossroads provides a fully integrated suite of commerce enablement and payment acceptance products.

We bring together the building blocks that power electronic commerce, payment acceptance and funds transfer.

What can you do with Krossroads Software?

Engage your customers wherever they are, by leveraging the only set of commerce & payment building blocks that run natively on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux as well as all modern desktop browsers.

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) looking to add specialized payment acceptance capabilities to your offering, you can count on Krossroads Commerce Blocks to expedite your time to market across multiple platforms.

No other offering enables you to deploy native  payment capabilities uniformly on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux and desktop browsers.

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Quickly deploy custom payment acceptance solutions  that can run on multiple platforms. Krossroads provides white label building blocks that you can use to create specialized point of sale solutions for in-store, B2B,  mobile and unattended commerce.

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Banks and Credit Unions looking to offer merchant solutions to their customers can leverage Krossroads Commerce Blocks to quickly deploy branded payment acceptance solutions to their merchant customers.

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In emerging markets where mobile money and mobile phones are wide spread, Mobile Money Providers can leverage Krossroads Commerce Block to deploy branded  iPhone and Android apps to enable merchants to accept mobile money at the point of sale.

As consumers steadily move away from cash based transactions, merchants who are able to easily accept mobile money payments will garner increased market share from customers who value the convenience of using mobile money.

Leveraging Krossroads Commerce Blocks is the fastest was to build and deploy custom industry specific point of sale systems for in-store payments.

With Krossroads Commerce Blocks, you can quickly deploy specialized solutions that run on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux or any modern desktop browser.

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Krossroads Commerce Blocks support mobile payment acceptance via Tap on Phone on iPhone or Android devices.  You no longer need to have a card reader to accept payments on the go.

Additionally, Krossroads Commerce Blocks supports a wide range of  battery powered mobile card readers which connect via Bluetooth or USB for maximum portability and flexibility.

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The invoicing features within Krossroads Commerce Blocks enable B2C & B2B businesses to harness the advantages of e-invoicing. Businesses can create, send and receive payment for invoices in minutes rather than days.

Automate the process of tracking, collecting and reconciling accounts receivables – no code required.

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Self Service kiosks extend convenience to customers while reducing staffing costs for merchants.

Leverage Commerce Blocks to reduce the amount of time required to deploy a customized self service experience.

Powering Electronic Commerce

Krossroads Commerce Blocks

A fully integrated suite of software building blocks that can be used to assemble bespoke commerce enablement systems. Organizations can choose from fully integrated solutions that are ready to deploy, or combine specific components based on their business requirements.
Powering Financial Transactions

Krossroads Finance Blocks

Secure and robust payment rails that can be deployed by Financial Institutions to facilitate FedNow transactions.
Multi Decade Experience

Professional Services

Our systems engineering team has extensive experience designing, building and running secure payment systems for private as well as governmental institutions. Lean on our expertise to forge secure products that deliver maximum value to your customers.

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