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Kommerce OS

The Operating System for your omni-channel business. Comprehensive business solutions for in-store payments, online payments and invoicing.

POS for Quickbooks

POS solution for Quickbooks users. Seamsless integration with Quickbooks Online as well as Quickbooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

POS for Stripe

Comprehensive and easy to use POS for Stripe merchants. Now you can accept both in-store and online payments using your Stripe accounts. Available in 36 countries.

Kommerce POS

A full featured and processor agnostic POS for established merchants. Offering the best card processing rates and extensive hardware and integration options.

Truly Multi-Platform

The operating system for your business. Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS and Linux.

Accept Payments

Choose from a wide range of options to accept in-person as well as card not present payments.
Kommerce OS is processor agnostic, allowing you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of payment terminals.
For mobile businesses, take advantage of cutting edge payment options such as mobile Bluetooth card readers and Tap To Pay on select iPhone and Android smartphones.

Eliminate Processing Costs

With Kommerce OS, you can deploy Dual Pricing, Cash Discounting or Compliant Surcharging to reduce or eliminate your card processing costs.
Automate the setting of card and cash prices with Dual Pricing and present both prices to the customer using a customer facing display.
With Cash Discounting, display a card price to customers and offer a discount to customers who pay with cash.
With surcharging, access a percentage fee to recoup processing costs while abiding by state laws as well as card brand rules. Surcharging can be deployed in all US states aside from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico.


The invoicing features within Kommerce OS enable B2C & B2B businesses to harness the advantages of e-invoicing. Businesses can create, send and receive payment for invoices in minutes rather than days.
Automate the process of tracking, collecting and reconciling accounts receivables - no code required.

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